The New Goods delivery Protocol!

Decentralizing Goods delivery

Just like the food delivery you know, but with much lower fees.

intermediaries take 47%

Unfair to local Economies

MobBuys only takes 15%

of the Delivery fare

Openness led to the world's most dynamic economy: the online economy.

For Merchants

more money stays in local economies

Merchants have more opportunities to build & innovate on top of the transportation of Goods infrastructure.

For Drivers

more money goes to drivers

Drivers receive fairer pay and a say in the governance of the network

For Customers

pay less per delivery

Consumers enjoy better prices, faster deliveries, and a wider selection of options


Pay less. Earn more. Get rewarded.

With MobBuys' GRIP, buyers pay less, much less. Drivers earn more, much more. And early adopters get rewarded.

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A New Era of Local Deliveries!

We use web3 rewards to motivate early adopters to recruit new users.

On the surface, riding with MobBuys GRIP is familiar. If you have ever used Uber Eats, DoorDash, it works the same way. You open the app, order, receive it. Safety is a priority on GRIP provided through licensed operators and verifiers.

Driver's Power

Take part in the future of MobBuys Delivery by giving your opinion in our internal politics.


These are local delivery companies that match buyers and drivers. They comply with their local regulations, provide insurance, and ensure rider & driver safety.


Everyone needs Goods transportation, and MobBuys' GRIP will evolve into the last mile protocol that moves goods to people.


They add a level of trust to the network by conducting comprehensive verifications required by local laws, which include background checks, vehicle inspections, and identity validation.

We love Drivers

Drivers are our backbone of the network. They courteously pick up Goods and help them get to their destination. On GRIP, drivers earn more, and earn network rewards for driving.


MobBuys Delivery is the first mobile app on the MobBuys' GRIP network providing the interface for The Goods Delivery Protocol. You can download MobBuys in the Apple & Google app store today.

How it works

in 3 simple steps!

Earn More

GRIP only takes 15% of the Delivery fare compared to legacy food delivery companies who take an average of 47%

Pay Less

Legacy food delivery passes on the costs of advertising and recruiting with high fares while GRIP removes those costs using web3 incentives.

Get Rewards

Earn rewards when you ride, drive or invite others to the network. Rewards are added as the network grows.

Own the network.

MobBuys' GRIP is an open protocol made up of buyers, drivers and more who all have a role to play in shaping the network. Want to learn more? Check out the Litepaper.







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Stay up to date with the team’s latest progress on product development. Started back in 2018, the MobBuys project continues to break boundries in Web3 development.

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